Tower Manor Lodge is recognized as Rice Lake's oldest tourist establishment. For history buffs there is a rich past associated with our fine facility.
   On the following pages we share with you only a few items from another era, but guarantee that your interest will be captured as you link to the days gone by. You'll find postcards from the past, a poem, old advertising brochures and many pictures of antique items, some of which were found in the attic and some under the old kitchen floor during  recent renovations.
    We hope you enjoy these few pages and perhaps you can help us solve a mystery or two....
                     ...... John & Gail Andersen
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Writings From Past

  This is just one example of the many  old signs found around the house (covering  heater vents).

A Name with a Past.  On a knoll, just back from the present day location of the store, there lies the remains of an old building foundation. The structure which once stood on the foundation (burned to ground in 1856) was farm house of an unusual octagonal shape (8 sides), 6 stories tall, and was said to have a "subterranean" entrance. Because of the height, the farm became known as Tower Farm.
   After the tower burned, a grand and beautiful 2 story farm house was built. Large opulent homes, such as it was, were often referred to as manors. Tower Manor Farm.  Late in the 1800's, Tower Manor Farm opened up to guests. The atmosphere, the activates, and the style of accommodations were similar to our modern day "farm vacation". The main farm house where the quest stayed was referred to as the lodge. And now we have it ... Tower Manor Lodge.

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